Quality Air Specialists’ consultants have been providing indoor environmental services since 1994.

Our business has taken us into thousands of buildings and you can feel certain our team of professionals has the experience and knowledge to provide the solutions to your problems.

We do not conduct remediation, so there is no conflict of interest! We are third party consultants and always remain so.

School boards, corporations, committees, operations personnel, HVAC companies, attorneys, and homeowners have taken advantage of our years of experience.


Our multi-disciplinary team of associates understands the diverse nature of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) issues. Whether conducting proactive air testing, chemical monitoring, or mold sampling in your office, home, or school, you can be assured that a professional team of specialists will handle your project.

Wholesale filter distribution was established in 2005 to provide our clients with cost effective HVAC filters. An integral part of good indoor air quality is good filtration, which is often overlooked or neglected.

The QAS filter division has grown tremendously and we now provide filter sales and service to all our indoor air quality clients, including school districts, and Government Facilities.